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Lickable Print Ads?!


We’re a gotta have it now society. No more saving up for the new toy/dress/couch. No more layaway programs. Has this mindset gone so far that it’s anWelchs Lickable inconvenience to clip a free sample coupon to try a new product? Maybe you’d be more willing to try a new food item if you didn’t even have to go to the store to try it. That’s what advertisers are hoping…

Lickable ads are here (which is equal parts cool and gross), and you’ve got Welch’s to thank. Just lift the flap and give the juice sample a lick. You can give it try on Feb 18 when the ad appears in People magazine.

Link to the Wall Street Journal article on the lickable ads.

Update: Taco Bell Taco Giveaway


The odds were in favor of a successful stolen base attempt in this year’s World Series and sure enough it happened. Only this year it meant a little bit more – free Taco Bell tacos for every American. We covered this great Taco Bell promotion in a previous post, but wanted to share some of the local and national results of the promotion.

Here’s a link to the Bellingham Herald story written from a local angle (just think of how many local newspapers nationwide did an article on this!). My two favorite parts of the story are “store manager Staci Caralis said two extra employees would join the staff midway through the giveaway to help out,” and the fact that the restaurant cooked up an extra 30 pounds of beef in anticipation of the taco rush.

In a huge coup for Taco Bell, during the World Series FOX cameras aired two Boston players discussing the Taco Bell promotion, and when the stolen base attempt was successful the announcers mentioned the Taco Bell giveaway numerous times and even interviewed Taco Bell’s COO live during the game.

Here’s a compilation video of the Boston players discussing the promotion, the stolen base taking place and the numerous mentions live on the air:

Taco Bell: Steal A Base, Steal A Taco


Taco BellThe 2007 World Series is about to start, and there’s already a winner – Taco Bell.

Taco Bell has announced that if a player from either World Series team successfully steals a base, every person in America (all 300 million of us) will be able to visit Taco Bell on a specified date and time to receive a free Beef Crunchy Taco. Taco Bell is calling the campaign “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco.” The campaign website is here.

Promotions like this are admirable because of the scope and potential cost to implement. What of course justifies the cost of implementation is that it is irresistible fodder for the media – and until giving away one free item to everyone in America is commonplace, it should be worthy of news coverage. Even if you don’t like the restaurant chances are high that you’ll either tell a friend about the promotion or hear about it from a friend or your choice of news source. And that’s just what Taco Bell is counting on.

There are two ways this promotion can end:

No player steals a base – Taco Bell still receives MILLIONS of dollars worth of free PR (news articles, TV news reports, blogs, and word-of-mouth) and doesn’t have to give away a single taco.

There’s a stolen base in the World Series – Taco Bell still receives MILLIONS of dollars worth of free PR, a lot of people get something for free and have a little fun, and Taco Bell has the chance to pick up some new customers from the promotion and increase the reach of their brand further in the U.S.

Either way Taco Bell wins.

FLIR Loves The Greek Orthodox Festival


St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Festival and the start of football season are two things that help FLIR Creative cope with the transition from warm summer weather to rainier and shorter fall days.

Scott at greek festivalIf you’ve never been to the festival make a point to go this year. You’ll find a variety of amazing Greek food (lamb gyros are my favorite), a fun crowd and the cute dancing St. Sophia children.

Here’s a tip: due to the festival’s popularity, it’s very crowded in the evenings. Swing by during the lunch hours for the same great food without the lines.

9/13 – 9/16
Greek Orthodox Festival
St. Sophia Orthodox Church
510 E Sunset Drive

Event Times:
Thurs-Sat. 11 AM-9 PM,
Sun Noon-8 PM

Fiamma Burger – Designing a Better Burger


In Bellingham, as in many towns that happen to be a good distance from larger metropolises, the number of places to get a great or even good versionburger-blueline-2.jpg of the basics – burrito, pizza, burger, pad thai – tends to be a closely watched and discussed matter. If you’re like me, you’ve got a running list of the best (insert entree here) in town that you trot out for review, promotion and defense whenever conversations get dull.

The best ones are always the best because of the details. Take La Fiamma’s pizza – unique wood fired crust, real care displayed in the ingredients, and a smart, contemporary, light-filled space.

So it was with more than a little excitement that Jason and I (and quite a few others – the place was packed) stopped by Fiamma Burger for the first time to see how well they have extended their brand to focus on a great American burger. We weren’t disappointed. The burger was big and juicy, packed in a nice fluffy yet toasted bun, stacked with grilled onions, a nice slab of tomato… all wrapped neatly in that old school half wrapper that makes me think of drive-ins and keeps my shirt clean. I think I heard Jason mumble something about organic ingredients through a mouthful. And the fries? The fries were perfect – golden and crispy.

The interior is decidedly modern, with clean lines and an understated use of warm wood and tile with cool steel tones, and a couple of deconstructed skylights giving a peek at the structure above. There was a line, but it moved quickly past a selection of t-shirts, beverages and a nice variety of serve yourself condiments (curry mayo anyone?) all along the perimeter of a room that’s packed with seats and a large shared table.

In short, Fiamma Burger sticks to what La Fiamma already knows to be a winner – deliver distinctive food in a nicer than average atmosphere for just a bit more money. They’ve successfully leveraged an already strong brand by getting the key ingredients right, and to my eye, it’s paying off.

Now I’ve got some work to do on my list…