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New FLIR Creative Work: Trick-Or-Treat


I’ll be honest, I miss trick-or-treating… a lot. As a kid I was ruthlessly efficient at making my way through the neighborhood knowing exactly which homes to skip in order to maximize my returns with the more generous houses (like the older retired couple who would hand out full size candy bars!)

So another year removed from our childhood trick-or-treating days, FLIR Creative lives vicariously through this new poster for Downtown Renaissance Network and all the lucky kids who will get to dress up and fill their plastic jack-o-lanterns with gobs of free candy from generous downtown businesses.

New FLIR Creative Work: Garys’


Garys’, a clothing retailer and fixture of downtown Bellingham, is celebrating 30 years of business. FLIR Creative got to celebrate with Garys’ by creating advertising, mailings and updating the website to promote their anniversary sale, benefit fashion show and in-store designer appearance.