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The Power of Glasses – Part 2


Power of Glasses2

The Power of Glasses


You can bet the creative person responsible for this ad series has suffered through life as a wearer of glasses.
The Power Of Glasses

Lickable Print Ads?!


We’re a gotta have it now society. No more saving up for the new toy/dress/couch. No more layaway programs. Has this mindset gone so far that it’s anWelchs Lickable inconvenience to clip a free sample coupon to try a new product? Maybe you’d be more willing to try a new food item if you didn’t even have to go to the store to try it. That’s what advertisers are hoping…

Lickable ads are here (which is equal parts cool and gross), and you’ve got Welch’s to thank. Just lift the flap and give the juice sample a lick. You can give it try on Feb 18 when the ad appears in People magazine.

Link to the Wall Street Journal article on the lickable ads.

Wine Packaging – A Favorite Project


I’m fascinated with packaging. I usually spend too much time at the grocery store looking at what new label designs have shown up on soup cans, cereal boxes, and especially wine bottles. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on several wine label designs, and have always enjoyed the challenge of finding that right mix of sophistication, story, and attention-grabbing image. The Chateau Ste. Michelle Artist Series Meritage packaging shown here was completed for a bottling in honor of the work of noted glass artist Dan Dailey. Bringing together Dan’s iconic glass sculptures with winemaker Erik Olsen’s distinctive blend made my job – like a good glass of wine – one of life’s simple pleasures.

CSM Dailey Packaging

Here Comes The Super Bowl


As a football fan and a marketer, I love the Super Bowl. To prepare for this holy day of great football and advertising:

1. I view past Super Bowl ads at to get in shape for the ad portion of the Super Bowl.

2. On game day I don’t drink any liquid until half time to ensure not a minute of media glory is missed.


FLIR Creative’s score prediction: Pats win by 13

One of our all time favorite Super Bowl ads: