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New wine packaging: Willow Crest


We’ve just completed a refresh of Willow Crest’s wine packaging with an emphasis on the Estate Grown aspect of the Yakima Valley line. We’ve seen it popping up locally so keep an eye out next time you’re looking for wine.

Willow Crest wine photo
Willow Crest wine photo

Willow Crest wine photo

New FLIR Creative Work: St. Luke’s Foundation


A new brochure that chronicles St. Luke’s Foundation’s landmark twenty-five years of giving and leadership in Whatcom County.

St. Luke's Brochure

New FLIR Creative Work: St. Luke’s Foundation 2007 Annual Report


We love the people involved in St. Luke’s Foundation and greatly enjoy the very small part we play in helping them take care of Whatcom County through the grants, scholarships and the leadership they bring to our community.

Here’s a look at the most recent annual report we created for the Foundation:

St. Luke's Foundation Annual Report - 2007

New FLIR Creative Work: Downtown Art Walk


Below is the just completed Art Walk identity and poster series – the latest in an series of projects we’ve been working on with Downtown Renaissance.

Update 1: A peak at the ad in the September 3 issue of Cascadia Weekly:

Update 2: Art Walk poster discovered in the wild:
Free prize to the first person to correctly identify the location of where this photo was taken.

Get them before they melt


The Bite of Bellingham takes place this Saturday from 12-4 downtown on the 1200 block of Cornwall. Bring a few extra dollars with you and pick-up the limited edition 2008 Bite of Bellingham shirt that FLIR Creative designed. The shirts come in two flavors: Fudgsicle or Creamsicle. Mmmmmm….

Bite of Bellingham Shirts

New FLIR Creative Work: Bellingham Festival of Music


FLIR Creative had the pleasure of supporting the Bellingham Festival of Music earlier this year by creating the invitation for the “Celebrate the Night” fund raiser as well as the event program. The festival is full swing right now – take a look at the schedule of performances.

Design Has A Shelf Life


Phone Helper
(image via the great site Modern Mechanix)

Design is a funny thing in that today’s perfect design solution can become outdated or in need of replacement in short order. Over the years I’ve seen companies and organizations cling to their expired logo/website/brochure because the VP’s son designed it, or because they spent thousands of dollars on it 3 years ago and are stubbornly trying to get 5 years of life out of the project. To the company’s detriment, the design that was originally created to help that company be profitable (insuring they stay in business), does the opposite and starts to cost them money (lost business, perception as an industry laggard, etc.).

Design has a shelf life. Your business, markets, and life are in various states of flux, but that’s no excuse for settling for off-strategy or expired design/branding.