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Sometimes it’s better to just let others spread the word for you about why you’re so great


And after watching this Wii ad you’ll probably wind up spreading the word.
Congratulations Wii, very smartly done.

New FLIR Creative Work: St. Luke’s Foundation 2007 Annual Report


We love the people involved in St. Luke’s Foundation and greatly enjoy the very small part we play in helping them take care of Whatcom County through the grants, scholarships and the leadership they bring to our community.

Here’s a look at the most recent annual report we created for the Foundation:

St. Luke's Foundation Annual Report - 2007

FLIR from the past: Brands and tattoos


One year ago we wrote about the similarities between brands & tattoos. It’s still true (and funny) and worth revisiting. Just click on the Hulk Hogan back tattoo to be transported back in time…

FLIR Creative has a new neighbor: The Bellingham Public Library


The Bellingham Public Library opened its first new branch since 1924 and it’s right next door to our office. Photos from the ribbon cutting ceremony are below and here’s a link to the Herald article.

Bringing the sexy to owl pellets


Yes… I used sexy and owl pellets in the same sentence.

When someone asks what sort of work FLIR Creative does it’s fun to mention the projects we’ve done with Pellets, Inc. First, because it’s interesting to see the reaction when I say the word owl pellets (owl regurgitates a pellet, kids dissect it in classroom labs to find animal bones and learn about owls), and second because the science-meets-fun work we’ve done for them has gone a long way to help communicate what Pellets, Inc is about.

We’ve completed the redesign of the Pellets website, so take a look – you know you want to cut one of those pellets open and see what kind of animal bones you find!