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Brands & Tattoos


Getting a tattoo and developing a new brand identity/logo are very similar:

  • You only get one shot to get it right
  • Once it’s created, you have it for a long time and they are very hard to change
  • You pay for what you get. Have a professional help you, not your cousin or a buddy


Thinking of getting a “tattoo” or fixing your existing one? Let’s talk.

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Getting Graphic


I saw this news story today on how the UK is moving from verbal warnings on cigarette packages to a more graphic means of communication, as you can see in this image.Smoking Lungs In addition to the lungs photo, UK smokers will soon be seeing warning images of a chest cut open for heart surgery and a large tumor on a man’s neck.

The issue of smoking aside, I thought this news story was a good reminder for all advertisers out there – especially new start-ups or those with minimal ad budgets. Be bold, be blunt, and be clear.

Print ads especially can often turn into a “I need to add just one more thing” affair resulting in a confusing mess that fails to engage any viewers. If you have limited space, limited budget, limited time, or a limited imagination it’s best to err on the side of simple and bold.

FLIR Adventures #1


It’s here – the first installment of FLIR Adventures.
Just what are FLIR Adventures? You’ll have to download it here or read below and find out for yourself.
FLIR Adventure 1 580