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New FLIR Creative Work: Ladies’ Night Out


Keep your eyes peeled this May for some new work we just finished for Downtown Bellingham Partnership promoting the upcoming Ladies’ Night Out. And if you’re a lady (no dudes allowed) you’re invited Downtown on May 29th for some shopping, sipping, and partying.

Downtown Bellingham Ladies' Night

New FLIR Creative Work: Trick-Or-Treat


I’ll be honest, I miss trick-or-treating… a lot. As a kid I was ruthlessly efficient at making my way through the neighborhood knowing exactly which homes to skip in order to maximize my returns with the more generous houses (like the older retired couple who would hand out full size candy bars!)

So another year removed from our childhood trick-or-treating days, FLIR Creative lives vicariously through this new poster for Downtown Renaissance Network and all the lucky kids who will get to dress up and fill their plastic jack-o-lanterns with gobs of free candy from generous downtown businesses.

New FLIR Creative Work: Downtown Art Walk


Below is the just completed Art Walk identity and poster series – the latest in an series of projects we’ve been working on with Downtown Renaissance.

Update 1: A peak at the ad in the September 3 issue of Cascadia Weekly:

Update 2: Art Walk poster discovered in the wild:
Free prize to the first person to correctly identify the location of where this photo was taken.

Get them before they melt


The Bite of Bellingham takes place this Saturday from 12-4 downtown on the 1200 block of Cornwall. Bring a few extra dollars with you and pick-up the limited edition 2008 Bite of Bellingham shirt that FLIR Creative designed. The shirts come in two flavors: Fudgsicle or Creamsicle. Mmmmmm….

Bite of Bellingham Shirts

New FLIR Work: Winter In Downtown Bellingham


As the seasons change, so do the Downtown Renaissance Network window display banners. Stop by the Information Station near the corner of Holly and Cornwall this winter and take a peak at the new banners FLIR Creative just finished. See the Fall ’07 posters we designed here.
DRN Winter Banners

Fall In Downtown Bellingham


FLIR Creative has just finished two window display banners for Downtown Renaissance Network touting a few of the great reasons to spend time downtown this Fall. Stop by the Information Station near the corner of Holly and Cornwall this fall and take a peak.

DRN Fall Banners