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Woods Coffee – Boulevard Park


I remember when I first heard about Woods Coffee opening a location in the old Whatcom Community College ceramics studio at Boulevard Park – my body trembled and my vision blurred thinking about how well this location would do.

Ok, slight exaggeration. But it doesn’t take a roomful of MBAs to do the math – selling a legal drug to the never ending foot traffic at a perfectly situated location seems pretty darn close to the perfect business. Let’s give Woods some credit though – this isn’t just some Northwest Boulevard Woodsdime-a-dozen coffee shop opening a generic cafe in a great location. They were on their path to success prior to this venture.

Over the years, Woods has steadily built a strong brand and reputation for good coffee within a consistent and comfortable environment. Aside from the fairly new Bakerview store though, and a semi-hidden King street location, Woods has not been very visible in Bellingham. They’ve become well-known and successful in the Lynden area, but to date Woods has been just that – a “county brand.”

All of the sudden though, with the new location in Bellingham’s beloved Boulevard Park, Woods has a phenomenal new flagship location and is well on its way to being not just a county brand, but an established visible Whatcom County brand. And when you consider how many coffee shops were established prior to Woods even opening their first store, you can appreciate just what they’ve been able to accomplish in what was an already crowded marketplace of coffee shops.

One last thing. Verizon was offered the iPhone before AT&T was. They turned it down. 74 days and 1 million phones later it looks like Verizon made a mistake. Word on the street is that Woods wasn’t the first company to have a shot at the Boulevard Park space. One or two other local coffee businesses turned it down before Woods heard about it… ouch.