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Fiamma Burger – Designing a Better Burger


In Bellingham, as in many towns that happen to be a good distance from larger metropolises, the number of places to get a great or even good versionburger-blueline-2.jpg of the basics – burrito, pizza, burger, pad thai – tends to be a closely watched and discussed matter. If you’re like me, you’ve got a running list of the best (insert entree here) in town that you trot out for review, promotion and defense whenever conversations get dull.

The best ones are always the best because of the details. Take La Fiamma’s pizza – unique wood fired crust, real care displayed in the ingredients, and a smart, contemporary, light-filled space.

So it was with more than a little excitement that Jason and I (and quite a few others – the place was packed) stopped by Fiamma Burger for the first time to see how well they have extended their brand to focus on a great American burger. We weren’t disappointed. The burger was big and juicy, packed in a nice fluffy yet toasted bun, stacked with grilled onions, a nice slab of tomato… all wrapped neatly in that old school half wrapper that makes me think of drive-ins and keeps my shirt clean. I think I heard Jason mumble something about organic ingredients through a mouthful. And the fries? The fries were perfect – golden and crispy.

The interior is decidedly modern, with clean lines and an understated use of warm wood and tile with cool steel tones, and a couple of deconstructed skylights giving a peek at the structure above. There was a line, but it moved quickly past a selection of t-shirts, beverages and a nice variety of serve yourself condiments (curry mayo anyone?) all along the perimeter of a room that’s packed with seats and a large shared table.

In short, Fiamma Burger sticks to what La Fiamma already knows to be a winner – deliver distinctive food in a nicer than average atmosphere for just a bit more money. They’ve successfully leveraged an already strong brand by getting the key ingredients right, and to my eye, it’s paying off.

Now I’ve got some work to do on my list…