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OH ARE they?


[Chris] “I like your nurses uniform.”
[Me] “These are O.R. scrubs.”
[Chris] “OH ARE they?!”

That little exchange happened a couple of times – how could we resist? Chris and I were wearing O.R. scrubs so we could film in St. Joseph Hospital’s Operating Unit of for a video project we’re working on.

We’ll write more about this project soon. But it took us to some very interesting locations including the O.R.

O.R. Scrubs

FLIR Note: Salt Lick Art


Yes… it’s just what it sounds like – salt lick art. (via Boing Boing)

Nickelodeon Channel Going Dark


TV BlackAt noon this Saturday Nickelodeon will turn off all their programming and go completely dark (link to AP story). The three hours of dead air is part of its fourth annual worldwide day of play, an encouragement to kids to get outside and work on getting in shape.

A few quick thoughts:

  1. Sometimes the greatest way to get noticed is to create a vacuum. A moment of silence, a limited edition product, or taking a leave of absence. In show business this strategy is called “leave them wanting more.” In business it’s called “supply and demand.”
  2. Maybe you’re an adult and could care less about Nickelodeon going dark. What if it was CNN or ESPN going dark for 3 hours? Most people would notice and you can bet you’d hear about it at your office or from a friend. This is the youth equivalent and it will be highly noticed.
  3. Sure this is all for a great cause and helps kids think about life outside of watching TV and playing instead. But Nickelodeon is also getting a tremendous amount of favorable PR from this. It’s being covered on TV, radio, internet news sites and blogs like this one. The favorable PR reaches far beyond the affected demographic.
  4. I think what Nickelodeon is doing this Saturday is admirable and won’t go unnoticed. However, at the risk of sounding like a cynic, it’s just too easy for kids to switch over to another channel when Nickelodeon goes dark.

Taste Test: Gum


New York reviews a wide assortment of gums and gives their ratings in three categories: Bubblegum, Fruit and Mint. See this fun article here. There’s also a close-up tour of the gum contestants.

The photo of the assortment of gums introducing the article is alone worth seeing.

Keith Cox Autobahn Beetle Rally Report


Beetle AerialSure it was raining most of the time, but these were hardy Northwesterner VW Beetle lovers. In fact, showing up to the first annual Keith Cox Autobahn Beetle Rally with foul weather and a Seahawks game on TV demonstrated just how loyal these Beetle lovers were.

Beetles began lining up at Bellingham High School at about 1:30 and the scene was friendly with people walking around to check out each other’s ride and talk about all things VW. After a pep talk and an overview of the route from rally captain Keith Cox, Oscar (my 6 year old son) and I were on our way.

The route took the line of multi-colored Beetles through downtown Bellingham, out Meridan to Bellis Fair, over to Barkley Village via Bakerview, up Alabama Hill and around on Lakeway and finally wound back through downtown back to return to the high school.

While it was fun driving in the Beetle caravan, the best part was watching people’s reactions as it dawned on them what they were watching. Lots of smiles, cheers and car honks. A few Beetles that didn’t initially start with us actually joined in along the way when they stumbled across their Beetle kin.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing the fun, or know someone who owns a VW Beetle, go to to register for updates on future rallys. We had 50 Beetles at the first rally, let’s double it for the next one!

more Beetle Rally photos here

Woods Coffee – Boulevard Park


I remember when I first heard about Woods Coffee opening a location in the old Whatcom Community College ceramics studio at Boulevard Park – my body trembled and my vision blurred thinking about how well this location would do.

Ok, slight exaggeration. But it doesn’t take a roomful of MBAs to do the math – selling a legal drug to the never ending foot traffic at a perfectly situated location seems pretty darn close to the perfect business. Let’s give Woods some credit though – this isn’t just some Northwest Boulevard Woodsdime-a-dozen coffee shop opening a generic cafe in a great location. They were on their path to success prior to this venture.

Over the years, Woods has steadily built a strong brand and reputation for good coffee within a consistent and comfortable environment. Aside from the fairly new Bakerview store though, and a semi-hidden King street location, Woods has not been very visible in Bellingham. They’ve become well-known and successful in the Lynden area, but to date Woods has been just that – a “county brand.”

All of the sudden though, with the new location in Bellingham’s beloved Boulevard Park, Woods has a phenomenal new flagship location and is well on its way to being not just a county brand, but an established visible Whatcom County brand. And when you consider how many coffee shops were established prior to Woods even opening their first store, you can appreciate just what they’ve been able to accomplish in what was an already crowded marketplace of coffee shops.

One last thing. Verizon was offered the iPhone before AT&T was. They turned it down. 74 days and 1 million phones later it looks like Verizon made a mistake. Word on the street is that Woods wasn’t the first company to have a shot at the Boulevard Park space. One or two other local coffee businesses turned it down before Woods heard about it… ouch.

FLIR Note: New Bellingham Crosswalks


FLIR Kudos to The City of Bellingham for taking mundane Holly Street crosswalks and transforming them into something that actually enhances the beauty and vibrancy of Downtown Bellingham.

Downtown Bellingham Crosswalk