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Here Comes The Super Bowl


As a football fan and a marketer, I love the Super Bowl. To prepare for this holy day of great football and advertising:

1. I view past Super Bowl ads at to get in shape for the ad portion of the Super Bowl.

2. On game day I don’t drink any liquid until half time to ensure not a minute of media glory is missed.


FLIR Creative’s score prediction: Pats win by 13

One of our all time favorite Super Bowl ads:

Best of “Best of 2007” lists


I’m a sucker for “best of the year” type lists. Here’s FLIR’s best of the “best of lists” we’ve discovered:

2007 Logo Trends points out a few trends they noticed in logos this year: dos helix, rubber bands, pseudo crests and more.

YouTube’s Top 100 Videos of 2007
Based on view counts, most shared, most discussed, top rated and general popularity. The view counts on these videos are amazing! The video of the otters holding hands has been watched 9.3 million times!

YouTube’s Year in review Part One and Part Two

Google Zeitgeist 2007
Find out what the top search terms were in a variety of categories from the king of search Google.

TIME Magazine’s “50 Top 10 Lists of 2007”
TIME’s picks for best news stories, scandals, quotes, DVDs, photos, etc.

Bellingham Herald 2007 Photos of the Year
Best albums/songs/music video by genre as picked by the iTunes editor.

iTunes Editors Choice (you need iTunes installed to view)
Best albums/songs/music video by genre as picked by the iTunes editor. 100 Best Books of 2007

Rotten Tomatoes Best Movies of 2007