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Merry Christmas from FLIR Creative!


FLIR Note: Online Catalog


Here’s an interesting online catalog. Hover over the blue cup to see what I mean.

FLIR Note: A Tip of the Hat


Our hat is tipped to these friends of FLIR. After seeing photos of existing rickety pedibikes used by Ugandan pedicab drivers, Jason Morris designed an improved bike that’s stronger, easier and cheaper to repair/maintain and can be produced locally in their community. Read the Bellingham Herald story of Jason and Mark’s trip to Uganda and check out the slide show.


FLIR Note: Banner Ad


We’re inundated with online advertising every time we go online. And the majority of the ads are of very poor design.

Here’s one of the better ones I’ve seen in awhile. It’s got a strong concept, and does a great job of conveying the depth and quality of coverage The International Herald Tribune promises to deliver.
[Click the graphic to see it in action] Banner Ad - good example

Fun With Monster Sticker Font


FLIR Monster Final

I-Mockery has a cool little application that will generate a 1970’s monster sticker version of any word you enter.
(Unfortunately for FLIR, the ‘L’ and the ‘I’ are too similar)

FLIR Note: Google Billboard


How many companies can put up a hand full of billboards (with just a phone number!) and wind up having it covered by so many other forms of media that the end reach dwarfs that of the billboards themselves? I saw this billboard everywhere: the Bellingham Herald, blogs and several news websites.

Read more about the billboard here or try calling the phone number.

Google Billboard

FLIR Note: Bellingham Church House


My mother-in-law lives in Fairhaven near the church house that is featured in today’s Bellingham Herald. I’ve been watching with great interest and curiosity as the owner has taken a run-down vacant church and turned it into a uniquely beautiful building. Kudos to the owners for their vision and how their work beautifies and adds character to our city.

Historical and before/after photos here from the owner’s sculpture website.