Update: Taco Bell Taco Giveaway


The odds were in favor of a successful stolen base attempt in this year’s World Series and sure enough it happened. Only this year it meant a little bit more – free Taco Bell tacos for every American. We covered this great Taco Bell promotion in a previous post, but wanted to share some of the local and national results of the promotion.

Here’s a link to the Bellingham Herald story written from a local angle (just think of how many local newspapers nationwide did an article on this!). My two favorite parts of the story are “store manager Staci Caralis said two extra employees would join the staff midway through the giveaway to help out,” and the fact that the restaurant cooked up an extra 30 pounds of beef in anticipation of the taco rush.

In a huge coup for Taco Bell, during the World Series FOX cameras aired two Boston players discussing the Taco Bell promotion, and when the stolen base attempt was successful the announcers mentioned the Taco Bell giveaway numerous times and even interviewed Taco Bell’s COO live during the game.

Here’s a compilation video of the Boston players discussing the promotion, the stolen base taking place and the numerous mentions live on the air:

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