Lickable Print Ads?!


We’re a gotta have it now society. No more saving up for the new toy/dress/couch. No more layaway programs. Has this mindset gone so far that it’s anWelchs Lickable inconvenience to clip a free sample coupon to try a new product? Maybe you’d be more willing to try a new food item if you didn’t even have to go to the store to try it. That’s what advertisers are hoping…

Lickable ads are here (which is equal parts cool and gross), and you’ve got Welch’s to thank. Just lift the flap and give the juice sample a lick. You can give it try on Feb 18 when the ad appears in People magazine.

Link to the Wall Street Journal article on the lickable ads.

One Response to “Lickable Print Ads?!”

  1. Jay Minkoff Says:

    As the president of First Flavor, the company bringing this Peel ‘n Taste product to market, there is a major correction to the WSJ article: This is not about Lickable Ads. Welch’s used the term ‘lick’ in their ad and no one seems to have bothered to read the fine print.

    Our product, which can be attached to a print ad and peeled off, is a sealed tamper evident foil pouch containing a piece of edible film. (Similar to popular breath strips.) One peels opens the pouch and places the piece of edible film on your tongue. The edible film dissolves quickly leaving you with a burst of flavor. No licking involved!

    The point that was really missed was that finally consumers now have a way of trying the taste of a product before they buy it. We call it taking a product for a ‘Taste Drive’!

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