Follow up to Marketing 101 seminar: Social Media


One of the questions I was asked by multiple people after the marketing seminar was “which social media tool is right for me and my business?” This USA Today article provides a good general summary of the social media heavy-weights giving you a starting point for your small business.

Here are my two cents to add to the article and a recap of what I said at the seminar about tracking mentions of you and your business online:

  1. Set up Google Alerts for your business
  2. If you don’t use Twitter, keep an eye out for you your business/organization using their search tool
  3. Implement Google Analytics or some other analytic system on your website
  4. Create a LinkedIn account, it’s easy and helpful

I’ll be recapping some of the other points from the seminar with blog posts over the coming week. So keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Twitter for instant notification.

    2 Responses to “Follow up to Marketing 101 seminar: Social Media”

    1. Scott Pierce Says:

      Perfect timing on USA Today’s part, or maybe that’s on some editorial buzz meter again. Great primer to anyone having to explain the social media landscape to an organization… or themselves.

      I agree – if you’re not listening or measuring at some point, you’ll have a hard time explaining what you’re doing online after a while. I concur with Jason and Scott’s added tips. Oh, and every so often, to feel like you’re in an evil lair, plug your zip code or a search term into:

      Then wring your hands with a diabolical cackle.

    2. Jason Lee Says:

      Good thoughts Scott – thanks for the link.

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