New FLIR Creative Work: Barkley Village


Here’s a look at the refreshed identity and materials we’ve just completed for Barkley Village. With new residential, restaurants, and other mixed-use buildings in various phases of construction, the timing was right for a brand and website update.

New Barkley Logo

New Barkley Website

Barkley print campaignBarkley bus boards

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4 Responses to “New FLIR Creative Work: Barkley Village”

  1. Chris Hoskin Says:

    Nice. I really like that. Contemporary, stylish and my initial reaction is that this creative will go a long way to helping position Barkley as more than just a ‘shopping’ destination or a place of work.

    Chris from

  2. Anne-Marie Says:

    Looks great; I like how the background can always show through the iconic “B” for whatever medium it’s on.

  3. Brian Seales Says:

    I love this project. Way to go, you did a great job.

  4. Jason Lee Says:

    Thanks for the love Brian, Anne-Marie & Chris.

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