Apple’s Advertising Creativity


Kudos to Apple for taking the banner ad format that’s been around a long time and refreshing it to make a strong statement to the PC audience. (These video ads are running heavy on a lot of PC websites like and View the ad.

Yesterday Seth Godin wrote a post entitled Advertising creativity is not dead. While he didn’t mention these Apple website ads they’re a great example of “finding the right people in the right frame of mind at the right moment.”

Mac Vista

4 Responses to “Apple’s Advertising Creativity”

  1. Anne-Marie Says:

    Hilarious ad – thanks for sharing. And I did go to Seth’s blog and then head over to The internet can be a glorious way of distraction from “real” work… =)

  2. Jason Lee Says:

    Yes it can – an endless path of distraction sometimes. Woot is a great site. And there’s a wine Woot also:

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