Goodwill Books


I hate to even share this, because I don’t want you thinning out my selection, but about once a month my wife and I go to the Goodwill store in Sunset Square and go on a book treasure hunt. So far I’ve come away a great find each time. And best of all, books are usually only a dollar or two. The deals are so good that I’ve seen a few local used bookstore owners perusing the shelves for items to resell.

On our last trip I found a book that I had been wanting to read by Bob PritchettFire Someone Today Cover, Logos Bible Software CEO, called Fire Someone Today. While the title definitely grabs your attention, don’t let it fool you about what the content is dedicated to. The book has some great candid advice and examples about developing the vision and bottom line of your company. Great thoughts on pricing, hiring/firing employees, trimming business costs and general operations.

The combination of Pritchett’s own experiences (both the good and the bad) and the down-to-earth tone and honesty of the writing combine to make it a great read.

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