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FLIR Note: Christmas Is Right Around the Corner?!


I swear every year the ads for Christmas start earlier and earlier. But this year is by far the earliest I’ve ever heard an ad mentioning the holiday shopping season.

The winner? The Bose Wave radio via Paul Harvey on AM radio. The ad ended with something like “And friends… it’s not too early to purchase a Bose radio as a gift for the holidays.”

By the way… I think Paul Harvey is not only a great guy, but an advertising legend. More thoughts on the great Mr. Harvey are coming… 

Keith Cox Autobahn Beetle Rally


Our good friend Keith Cox, owner of Keith Cox Autobahn, is bringing all the VW Beetle loyalists together this Sunday for a joy ride through Bellingham. It’sKeith Cox Bettle Rally going to be quite a sight and a lot of fun. Just picture all the multi-colored Beetles driving in a long line through the streets of Bellingham. If you own a Beetle, make sure you join the fun on Sunday. And pass the word onto your Beetle driving friends.

Sunday, September 16th @ 2pm

Start and end at Bellingham High School on Cornwall Ave.

Food Drive
All of your generous donations will be given to local food banks.

Prizes for the following categories:
Oldest Beetle
Best Decorated Beetle
Greatest Beetle Pride

more details

And lastly, if you’re looking for a reliable used car, there’s no other auto dealer I trust more than Keith Cox. He’s honest, fair and easy work with.

FLIR Loves The Greek Orthodox Festival


St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Festival and the start of football season are two things that help FLIR Creative cope with the transition from warm summer weather to rainier and shorter fall days.

Scott at greek festivalIf you’ve never been to the festival make a point to go this year. You’ll find a variety of amazing Greek food (lamb gyros are my favorite), a fun crowd and the cute dancing St. Sophia children.

Here’s a tip: due to the festival’s popularity, it’s very crowded in the evenings. Swing by during the lunch hours for the same great food without the lines.

9/13 – 9/16
Greek Orthodox Festival
St. Sophia Orthodox Church
510 E Sunset Drive

Event Times:
Thurs-Sat. 11 AM-9 PM,
Sun Noon-8 PM

FLIR Adventures #2


The second installment of FLIR Adventures is hot off the press. While the names of those in attendance in the meetings referenced have been omitted, the events themselves are real and have not been fabricated in any way.

FLIR Adventure 2 580

The Trader Joe’s Ripple Effect


I grew up shopping at Clark’s Red Apple with my family and have fond memories of the grocery store and the other neighboring businesses like Youngstock’s across the street. As a longtime resident of Bellingham, I’m pleased to see the Sunnyland area being revitalized and become a vital area of Bellingham again with the eminent arrival of Trader Joe’s on September 28. It’s worth noting that Trader Joe’s will bring a lot more to Bellingham than just great food items within its unique and casual shopping environment:

  • Increased property values for neighboring land
  • Increased business for neighboring Sunnyland Square businesses
  • Increased grocery choices for consumers
  • Increased competition for existing grocery stores (Co-op, Barganica, Haggen)
  • Increased road traffic in the Sunnyland area

Fall In Downtown Bellingham


FLIR Creative has just finished two window display banners for Downtown Renaissance Network touting a few of the great reasons to spend time downtown this Fall. Stop by the Information Station near the corner of Holly and Cornwall this fall and take a peak.

DRN Fall Banners

Yo Gabba Gabba!


A friend of mine just introduced me to a new kids TV show that started running in August on Nick Jr. called Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo Gabba Gabba! is hosted by a character named DJ Lance Rock, and five toy monsters: Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex, and Toodee. It features characters named The MC Bat Commander, Ricky Fitness, and Muno the Cyclops. Just look at these guys! If they don’t look like a fun group to you then you must be dead.

Yo Gabba GabbaFrom the few clips I’ve seen on YouTube I’m entranced. The characters are fun, the sets are vibrant, and the music is a mix of current hip-hop and alternative bands. Like any good kids show, Yo Gabba Gabba! is fun for both me and my kids.

Overall, the bold colors, character design and clean and simple sets give the show a great sense of style that makes it stand out from other kids shows I’ve watched (I have two boys under the age of 6, so it’s safe to say I’ve seen my share).

So why am I even writing about Yo Gabba Gabba! on this blog?

Inspiration is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a children’s TV show, an old poster clinging to a telephone pole, or a well designed kitchen tool, it’s all fodder that helps us keep creatively diverse and sharp. Anything can be the next nugget of inspiration to be logged in our FLIR brains.

The interesting thing from our perspective is how Yo Gabba Gabba! might influence our own work. It might not be in the ways you would initially expect (bright colors, trendy design, etc.). Before you execute a look & feel like Yo Gabba Gabba’s there first has to be singular purpose or foundation. In addition to the cool look & feel/use of music/original characters, it’s that core idea of communicating differently to kids using a completely fresh visual language that inspires us.