Keith Cox Autobahn Beetle Rally Report


Beetle AerialSure it was raining most of the time, but these were hardy Northwesterner VW Beetle lovers. In fact, showing up to the first annual Keith Cox Autobahn Beetle Rally with foul weather and a Seahawks game on TV demonstrated just how loyal these Beetle lovers were.

Beetles began lining up at Bellingham High School at about 1:30 and the scene was friendly with people walking around to check out each other’s ride and talk about all things VW. After a pep talk and an overview of the route from rally captain Keith Cox, Oscar (my 6 year old son) and I were on our way.

The route took the line of multi-colored Beetles through downtown Bellingham, out Meridan to Bellis Fair, over to Barkley Village via Bakerview, up Alabama Hill and around on Lakeway and finally wound back through downtown back to return to the high school.

While it was fun driving in the Beetle caravan, the best part was watching people’s reactions as it dawned on them what they were watching. Lots of smiles, cheers and car honks. A few Beetles that didn’t initially start with us actually joined in along the way when they stumbled across their Beetle kin.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing the fun, or know someone who owns a VW Beetle, go to to register for updates on future rallys. We had 50 Beetles at the first rally, let’s double it for the next one!

more Beetle Rally photos here

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