The Trader Joe’s Ripple Effect


I grew up shopping at Clark’s Red Apple with my family and have fond memories of the grocery store and the other neighboring businesses like Youngstock’s across the street. As a longtime resident of Bellingham, I’m pleased to see the Sunnyland area being revitalized and become a vital area of Bellingham again with the eminent arrival of Trader Joe’s on September 28. It’s worth noting that Trader Joe’s will bring a lot more to Bellingham than just great food items within its unique and casual shopping environment:

  • Increased property values for neighboring land
  • Increased business for neighboring Sunnyland Square businesses
  • Increased grocery choices for consumers
  • Increased competition for existing grocery stores (Co-op, Barganica, Haggen)
  • Increased road traffic in the Sunnyland area

One Response to “The Trader Joe’s Ripple Effect”

  1. Anne-Marie Says:

    Oddly enough, my parents, here visiting for Thanksgiving are actually treating TJ’s as a tourist attraction. They’ve never been and want to know what all the hullabaloo is about.

    Talk about a good brand experience – when out of towners treat YOUR store like it’s an amusement park to be visited and spend an hour in, you know you’re doing something right!

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