Getting Graphic


I saw this news story today on how the UK is moving from verbal warnings on cigarette packages to a more graphic means of communication, as you can see in this image.Smoking Lungs In addition to the lungs photo, UK smokers will soon be seeing warning images of a chest cut open for heart surgery and a large tumor on a man’s neck.

The issue of smoking aside, I thought this news story was a good reminder for all advertisers out there – especially new start-ups or those with minimal ad budgets. Be bold, be blunt, and be clear.

Print ads especially can often turn into a “I need to add just one more thing” affair resulting in a confusing mess that fails to engage any viewers. If you have limited space, limited budget, limited time, or a limited imagination it’s best to err on the side of simple and bold.

3 Responses to “Getting Graphic”

  1. Anne-Marie Says:

    Haven’t we done this sort of advertising in the past in the US as well? I remember some t.v. ads that showed a woman smoking from her breathing pipe (installed in her throat). They were very powerful. If memory serves me correctly, they were done by a general non-profit anti-smoking campaign though – and not actually on the cig boxes themselves.

    How long until some smart entrepreneur comes up with cute cig carrying cases that will hide all the ugliness – I can already see the very cute fabric colored carrying cases I would make for the 30-somethings that sneak out to puff while their children are in bed. And the ones for the biker dudes … the possibilities are endless.

  2. aquatechnex Says:

    Reminds me of the Saturday Night Sketch for the cancer proof cigarette, when they finally showed the product after listing all benefits, Dan Aykroyd was holding a laboratory rat between his fingers with a cigarette in it’s mouth and a plastic tip in the other end. Great picture and the blog is a good read. Thanks for helping us with ours.

  3. Jason Lee Says:

    I remember that ad Anne-Marie, which means it did its job. Interesting idea about the carrying cases. Someone would have an endless supply of customers also thanks to the power of addiction.

    Terry, I was going to post the SNL sketch you mentioned but I couldn’t find it on YouTube or anywhere else. Let me know if you find it somewhere.

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