FLIR Adventures #1


It’s here – the first installment of FLIR Adventures.
Just what are FLIR Adventures? You’ll have to download it here or read below and find out for yourself.
FLIR Adventure 1 580

3 Responses to “FLIR Adventures #1”

  1. Linda Says:

    OHMYGOSH!!! I love FLIR Adventures #1. I can’t wait to see where you guys take it in #2. It reminds me of a newsletter a friend and I published in the late 70’s. It looks like it would be such fun to create. Back then we would have said “What a TRIP”…
    (Do you think maybe I’ve had too much coffee this morning?)

  2. Jason Lee Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the first FLIR Adventure Linda. Stay tuned, there’s another adventure coming very soon!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Hilarious! You guys are the perfect duo.

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